Long Term Rental Quote of IT Systems

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Long Term Rental of IT systems in Italy

With the Long Term Rental (or Operating Lease) the customer has the right to use assets for a fixed period on payment of a fixed rent, monthly or quarterly, which includes insurance cover against theft, from 'fire and from accidental damage. This allows you to have certain costs and programmable management!

If you turn to us we will advice you and guide you towards the best solution based on your needs, technological and economic:

  • Custom & Branded PCs, notebooks, servers, printers, multifunctions, scanners, projectors
  • Retal Periods: 18, 24, 30, 36, 48 o 60 months
  • Cash flow problems solved: no intangible capital..
  • Deductibility of 100% in the tax year. No repayment plan and no managerial cost (book assets, disposal ...).
  • Delivery and installation onsite with Hardware Repairs to Zero Cost.
  • Assicurazione All Risk against fire, theft and accidental damage.
  • Redemption or disposal of used material at the rental end.
  • Request a quote for the rental of operating IT systems