Long term rental of IT System

For years we offer our customers, thanks to the collaboration with various financial institutions, the possibility of Information Systems rent long term . After careful consultation we offer a solution designed based on customer requirements you can choose from a wide range of products, brands and services.

Long term rental is granted, subject to the approval of the financial

  • Partnerships and capital
  • Companies individual
  • Freelancers
  • Consulates and Embassies

With the Long Term Rental (or Operating Lease) the customer has right to use the IT system chosen, for a predetermined period ranging from 18 to 60 months , to in front of the pay a rental fee at a fixed rate, monthly or quarterly, including a insurance.

In addition to the supply of goods is possible to include in the charter party software and services such as the delivery, installation and IT support . The products and services we offer can be found in the Products & Services section.

With this formula conductor acquires , compared with a certain cost, the right to use the asset without taking on the burden of managing the property of the same . The main reason for which more and more companies opt for the long-term rental is the important tax advantage given by the deductibility of 100% of the lease payments.

At the end of the lease period the customer is free to choose whether to:

  • Return the goods without additional costs or
  • Redeem assets for an amount equal to a percentage of taxable funded that varies depending on the financial choice

We have agreements with various financial different characteristics, found in the section Financial companies.

The benefits of long-term rental


More and more Italian companies opting in favor of the Long Term Rental because of the many financial benefits, tax, operational and management this formula offers over purchasing or to leasing.

Below the most important benefits of Long Term Rental :

  • Allows solve the problem of Cash Flow without immobilizing the company liquidity.
  • The rents are 100% deductible in the tax year to the end of IRES and IRAP regardless of the amount and the duration of the contract, without distinction between principal and interest.
  • The assets are insured against theft, fire and in most cases against accidental damage .
  • not expected reporting of exposure in Central Credit Bank of Italy , thus leaving unchanged the availability of normal sources of funding.
  • It allows you to delete data management costs of depreciation, the book assets and disposal and also the leased assets not covered by the Sector Studies.
  • It allows you to include within the rental contract software and services .
  • disposal , in case of non-redemption of property, is provided at no additional cost.